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Our Classic Garden Ornaments - Gnomes, our traditional range that has been made by hand, for over 70yrs at Pixieland. They make a perfect addition to your garden and also a wonderful unique gift. Gnomes are a garden family favourite and with lots of gnome options to collect from fishing gnomes, DIY gnomes, relaxing and sleeping gnomes, to our overall cheeky gnomes. We sell commission gnomes on request and our best sellers are our Wedding Couple Gnomes. We have our very own Super Hero Gnomes. Pixieland is one of the last places that make and paint gnomes by hand and out of concrete, the traditional way.

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  1. Garden Gnome Clive

    18.5 £18.50

    Garden Gnome lying on toadstool Clive is relaxing on his toadstool after a long day hard at work in the garden watching all

  2. Garden Gnome Craig

    18.5 £18.50

    Garden Gnome Artist Craig maintains the giant and small concrete mushrooms that are found in Pixieland's garden. Sometimes h

  3. Garden Gnome Damon

    14.5 £14.50

    Damon is the here reading one of his favourite books.. UP UP AND AWAY. its a book about flying high in a balloon. (all the books come with different little stories.) Height - 7"
  4. Garden Gnome Daniel

    28 £28.00

    Garden Gnome Daniel has one of the biggest jobs in our garden, that's keeping our paths clear for our visitors to find their

  5. Garden Gnome Dylan

    8 £8.00

    Garden Gnome Dylan is a busy chap. He has just caught his dinner and is cleaning his fish. A perfect addition to your garden

  6. Garden Gnome Edwin

    18 £18.00

    Garden Gnome Edwin is one of our most talented musical pixies. He brings perfect harmony to the garden with the mesmerizing

  7. Garden Gnome Eli

    15.5 £15.50

    Garden Gnome Guitar player Eli, is part of the Pixieland band and can be seen here playing his guitar. A perfect addition to

  8. Garden Gnome Emitt

    17.5 £17.50

    Garden Gnome Emitt takes great pride in his work, and is Pixieland's local cobbler. He is kept busy with mending and maintai

  9. Garden Gnome Euan

    14 £14.00

    Garden Gnome Euan is our Drummer in the band. He enjoys playing with the Band and enjoys making the most noise with his drum

  10. Garden Gnome Father Time (Oscar)

    34 £34.00

    Garden Gnome The Traditional Father Time Statue. is one of the oldest Pixies we make here at Pixieland. His time is sitting

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