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Our Classic Garden Ornaments - Gnomes, our traditional range that has been made by hand, for over 70yrs at Pixieland. They make a perfect addition to your garden and also a wonderful unique gift. Gnomes are a garden family favourite and with lots of gnome options to collect from fishing gnomes, DIY gnomes, relaxing and sleeping gnomes, to our overall cheeky gnomes. We sell commission gnomes on request and our best sellers are our Wedding Couple Gnomes. We have our very own Super Hero Gnomes. Pixieland is one of the last places that make and paint gnomes by hand and out of concrete, the traditional way.

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  1. Garden Gnome Little Richard


    Garden Gnome Cheeky Little Richard, what more can we say "I think the picture speak's volumes". Not only is he baring his bo

  2. Garden Gnome Riley


    Garden Gnome Riley loves his hammock and we can always find him snoozing in it. A perfect addition to your garden or a uniqu

  3. Garden Gnome Rob


    Garden Gnome Rob, is a little chap and here he is relaxing after a hard days work in the garden. A perfect addition to your

  4. Garden Gnome Rodney


    Garden Gnome Rodney is beckoning you to come closer so that he can tell you a secret or a naughty joke. You never know what

  5. Garden Gnome Samuel


    Garden Gnome Pixie Samuel is preparing a delicous carrot for his supper, which he freshly picked out of his own veggie patch

  6. Garden Gnome Scott


    Scott enjoys smoking his pipe and has made an ashtray out of a tree trunk
  7. Garden Gnome Scrumpy


    Garden Gnome ~ AAAaawwww!! what can we say about our Scrumpy? He does like to frequent in the pleasures of drinking Devon Sc

  8. Garden Gnome Sebastian


    Garden Gnome Sebastian keeps the animal houses clean from cob webs with his brush and is often found in the Bird houses or S

  9. Garden Gnome Simon


    Garden Gnome Simon maintains the flower log borders around the garden, He would have you believe that they were fences prote

  10. Garden Gnome Stanley


    Garden Gnome Stanley is our football team Captain and also the keep fit instructor in the garden. At the moment he is in the

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