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Our Classic Garden Ornaments - Gnomes, our traditional range that has been made by hand, for over 70yrs at Pixieland. They make a perfect addition to your garden and also a wonderful unique gift. Gnomes are a garden family favourite and with lots of gnome options to collect from fishing gnomes, DIY gnomes, relaxing and sleeping gnomes, to our overall cheeky gnomes. We sell commission gnomes on request and our best sellers are our Wedding Couple Gnomes. We have our very own Super Hero Gnomes. Pixieland is one of the last places that make and paint gnomes by hand and out of concrete, the traditional way.

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  1. Father and Mrs Christmas Garden Gnomes

    57 £57.00

    If you love your garden gnomes, and you love Christmas, why wouldn't you want a Father Christmas and his good lady wife to adorn your garden this Christmas!

    Given as a gift, or as a treat f

  2. Father Christmas Garden Gnome

    28.5 £28.50

    Garden gnomes love Christmas every bit as much as we do, so it stands to reason then that there is of course a Father Christmas garden gnome to bring them their presents. And there we were, thinki

  3. Fishing Garden Gnome ~ Albert

    25 £25.00

    Our Classic Fishing Gnome (Albert) is Handmade at Pixieland. Albert is Pixielands Fly Fisherman who spends most of his days

  4. Fishing Garden Gnome ~ Alfie

    16.5 £16.50

    Alfie is a very cheerful gnome, who loves nothing more than spending the day fishing on the river Dart. He makes a perfect addition to your garden and also a wonderful unique gift
  5. Fishing Garden Gnome ~ Dumpty

    20 £20.00

    Dumpty is the brother of Humpty and being brothers they have the tendency to be very competitive with each other. So on their fishing trips it becomes a competition on who can catch the biggest fish :
  6. Fishing Garden Gnome ~ Toby

    16.5 £16.50

    Toby sits happily on the edge of a river bank casting his line into the pond. Hoping for a bite, while enjoying the sun rays beaming off the water. He makes a perfect addition to your garden and al

  7. Fishing Garden Gnome ~ William

    20 £20.00

    William is Pixieland's most experienced fisherman, He makes his own bait and there isn't a fish he hasn't caught. He likes to dangle his bare feet into the water, while he passes the hours away doing
  8. Garden Gnome Adam

    15.25 £15.25

    Pixielands Adam does all the digging that is needed in our garden.

    Wherever he is needed, Adam is there with his shovel.

  9. Garden Gnome Ales

    11.5 £11.50

    Garden Gnome Ales is one of the younger pixies learning his trade. He pushes his wheelbarrow behind Gareth collecting any ex

  10. Garden Gnome Anthony

    8.5 £8.50

    Anthony is another young pixie at Pixieland. He has a small log basket next to him where he collects the logs for the wood fire. Measures: 4 x 2 x 1.5 inches Hand made using Concrete and Hand
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