Garden Gnome - Oscar - Old Father Tyme

Traditional garden gnome "Oscar - old father tyme" is one of the old pixies we make here at Pixieland.  He will be found sitting on his thinking rock, working out all the world concerns, from first light to end of the day. As he sits watching all the goings on in the garden.

"Please note - Oscar is one of our large gnomes and is generally made to order, taking approx 2 - 4 weeks to produce and dispatch.  If you require urgently, please contact Pixieland to see if we do have stock".

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Product Features

Traditional classic Pixieland gnome "Oscar - old father tyme" is an old pixie who thinks about the meanign of life while watching over the garden.

Handmade in Devon 

Made from concrete using special outdoor paints 

Suitable for indoors or outdoors

Frost resistant


Measures: 37cm (H) / 19cm (L) / 15cm (W)  

Weight: 9.8Kg

"As these are all hand painted the colours may vary slightly from the image shown, making each unique"

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