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Our Classic Garden Ornaments - Gnomes, our traditional range that has been made by hand, for over 70yrs at Pixieland. They make a perfect addition to your garden and also a wonderful unique gift. Gnomes are a garden family favourite and with lots of gnome options to collect from fishing gnomes, DIY gnomes, relaxing and sleeping gnomes, to our overall cheeky gnomes. We sell commission gnomes on request and our best sellers are our Wedding Couple Gnomes. We have our very own Super Hero Gnomes. Pixieland is one of the last places that make and paint gnomes by hand and out of concrete, the traditional way.

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  1. Garden Gnome Anthony

    8.5 £8.50

    Anthony is another young pixie at Pixieland. He has a small log basket next to him where he collects the logs for the wood fire. Measures: 4 x 2 x 1.5 inches Hand made using Concrete and Hand
  2. Garden Gnome Archie

    16.5 £16.50

    Garden Gnome Archie is the chief taster in the cider barn, if it doesn't pass his taste test then it doesn't make to our shelves :) A perfect addition to your garden

  3. Garden Gnome Barnaby

    24 £24.00

    Garden Gnome Barnaby looks after the apple orchard, making sure his crops grow juicy and sweet. Once they are ripe he collec

  4. Garden Gnome Ben Dover

    38 £38.00

    Garden gnome Ben Dover is the most 'welcoming' of garden gnomes.

    ** Please note - Although one of our new products, he has proven most popular and at the moment

  5. Garden Gnome Benjamin

    19.95 £19.95

    Garden Gnome Benjamin is fascinated with the lady bird in his hand, and yet he is very joyful at the splendid sunflower that

  6. Garden Gnome Bert

    6.5 £6.50

    Gnome Bert enjoys spending his days rambling up the tors in dartmoor, collecting the stamps in his map book from each letter box that he finds. He carrys his lunch and water to wench his thirst in his
  7. Garden Gnome Billie

    18.5 £18.50

    Garden Gnome Billie knows where the juiciest berries are to be found in the Pixie woods across the way. He makes the most am

  8. Garden Gnome Charles

    16.25 £16.25

    Pixielands Charles may not be big but he has the biggest laugh.

    He is always happy and goes around our garden making sure all his fellow gnomes are happy too.

  9. Garden Gnome Ciderella

    15 £15.00

    Garden Gnome Lady Ciderella over sees the production in the Cider Shed and is the only one who knows the Secret ingredient t

  10. Garden Gnome Clem

    24 £24.00

    Garden Gnome Clem, I'm sure you have heard of the electric cigarette, well Clem has his electric pipe. He has kicked the tob

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