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Our Classic Garden Ornaments - Gnomes, our traditional range that has been made by hand, for over 70yrs at Pixieland. They make a perfect addition to your garden and also a wonderful unique gift. Gnomes are a garden family favourite and with lots of gnome options to collect from fishing gnomes, DIY gnomes, relaxing and sleeping gnomes, to our overall cheeky gnomes. We sell commission gnomes on request and our best sellers are our Wedding Couple Gnomes. We have our very own Super Hero Gnomes. Pixieland is one of the last places that make and paint gnomes by hand and out of concrete, the traditional way.

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  1. Garden Gnome Quincy


    Garden Gnome Quincy is having much fun leaping over this toadstool. Leapfrog known well as childs past time and for adults w

  2. Garden Gnome Peter


    Garden Gnome Peter is taking a moment to look over the garden while resting on his shovel. He does keep himself very busy wi

  3. Garden Gnome Lord Jack


    Garden Gnome Lord Jack is the wisest of all our pixies, and yet he has a very cheeky streak hidden within, which only comes

  4. Garden Gnome Malcolm


    Garden Gnome Malcolm is the garden night watchman, he takes care of all the animals that come out at night and helps Bob, in looking after the gardens. A perfect addition to your garden or a unique gi
  5. Garden Gnome Marc


    Gnome Garden Ornament Marc is one of the newest additions to the Pixieland team. He helps his fellow friends by lighting up

  6. Garden Gnome Merlin


    Garden Gnome ~ Merlin at the moment he is happy thinking up new spells that he can do. He helps all the gardeners with in he

  7. Garden Gnome Monty


    Garden Gnome Monty is pixielands pastry chief, he is addicted to baking and enjoys nothing more than sharing his master piec

  8. Garden Gnome Norman


    Garden Gnome Norman is one of our woodsmen, who is just taking a well deserved break while resting against a mushroom for su

  9. Garden Gnome Oliver


    Garden Gnome Oliver is our lantern lighter, When the sun starts to go down over the Dartmoor countryside. Its Oliver's duty

  10. Garden Gnome Owen


    Garden Gnome Owen is Pixielands award winning Pig Farmer. He believes highly in free range farming, and his pigs can often b

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