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Pixieland, not just for pixies .....

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Gift Shop Info.

Garden Information

Garden Information 2

Pixie Information

Frog wrestle

Seasonal Opening Hours


March. 5 days. 10am-3.30pm. Closed Monday and Friday.

April. 7 days. 10am-4pm.

May. 7 days. 10am-5pm.

Easter Bank Holiday. Open all weekend. 10am-5pm.


June. 7 days. 10am-5pm

July. 7 days. 10am-5.30pm

August. 7 days. 10am-5.30pm


September. 7 days. 10am-5pm

October. 5 days. 10am-4pm. Closed Monday and Friday.

November. 5 days. 10am-3pm. Closed Monday and Friday.


December. 5 days. 10am - 3pm. Closed Monday and Friday.

January. Weather dependent. Please always call first.

February. Weather dependent. Please always call first.

The Gift Shop

Gift Shop Information

Product information

No trip to Dartmoor would be complete without visiting the shop at Pixieland and picking up a little something for somebody back home.
We have a huge selection of gifts. The vast majority of which, we are proud to say; are made in Britain. Take some Scrumpy back for Dad;
Devon Violets perfume for Nan; a magnetic copper bracelet for Auntie; a sheepskin rug for Mum or perhaps one of our Gnomes (handmade here) for just
about anybody. There’s something here for everyone and we look forward to seeing you soon. x

Product examples

Products include, but are not limited to:
sheepskin rugs, hats, fairies, gloves, fudge, honey, slippers, badges, devon ales, perfumes, lucky pixie charms, magnets, bracelets, chutney, socks,
keyrings, books, cider, toadstools, jams, cushion covers.

Gnome information

Please read on if considering the purchase of a Pixie Gnome.
Gnome welfare is always foremost in our minds. They are after all the very heart that beats Pixieland. These loyal and industrious little souls will serve you
well if made to feel secure and part of the family. You must name your Gnome, give them tasks to occupy them as idle hands and minds can lead to pilfering. Feed them regularly
(they like porridge) and never ever allow them to become the brunt of ridicule. Failure to follow the last rule can, on occasion lead to very bad behaviour.

The Gardens

Come wander around and meet some of over 150 of our little friends that reside here with us.

Over 70 years ago for reasons we can't fathom, several 'earth dwelling’ creatures decided to settle here with us. We have clans of traditional Devon pixies, some break-away Cornish pixies, fairies, tiny animals and those for which we are most famous, the Gnome Pixies. Between them all, they have made our little gardens into what they are today and they love nothing more than welcoming the visitors that pop in as they make their way across Dartmoor. The pixies insisted upon 4 things. We had to provide a small play area and a game to play for the younger children; provide a few tables and chairs for weary travellers to rest upon and take refreshment; provide a large toadstool and pixie hats so that humans could embrace and experience pixie life for themselves. Their final requirement being that we never charge visitors to come and see them. This we agreed to and will always uphold.

Younger children can play on the tiny trampoline, slide and swings; then take an i-spy sheet and once completed can claim their prize of a bag of sweets.

We have a small selection of refreshments visitors can purchase and enjoy outside on tables and chairs provided.

Before leaving, visitors can borrow a pixie hat and sit upon the large toadstool where many have their photos taken as a reminder of the time spent here with our pixies.

Please note - pixies are well aware of the internet and social media. You may find that you have been photobombed!

Further Pixie Information

Just in case you were ever wondering

Pixies and Frogs

You may on occasion see a pixie wrestling with a frog. Don't be alarmed; the frog will not be harmed. It is a well known fact that the favourite hobby of a pixie gnome is fishing. All they are trying to do is to get the frog to go to somewhere else, otherwise the pond becomes full of frog spawn and the pixies are unable to fish.

Being Pixie Led

There are tales of people being ‘pixie led’. This is referring to mischievous pixies who (many moons ago) would lead already lost travellers around and around the houses and make them even more lost. We’d just like to assure you that this isn’t a practice adopted by any here at Pixieland. However, should you ever be out on the Moor, going round in circles and worry this has happened to you. The remedy for it is simple ...... just turn your coat inside out and you’ll be back on the right path in no time.

Some Pixies Are Shy

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re being watched but when you turn around - nobody is there? Or you think you can hear somebody; you look, but see no one? Well, if that happens when you visit us, think of yourself as very lucky. You see, the tiny Devon pixies are incredibly shy and are seldom seen (although they will always make themselves known to a small child). Listen out carefully and if you can hear them giggle they have taken a shine to you and are sprinkling you with their lucky pixie dust!

Pixies Think Porridge Grows On Trees

We are not a charity, but we could never turn a needy pixie away. They have no concept of money and when hungry, can be seen shaking the trees because they believe this is where the porridge comes from. As per our promise to them, we would never try to charge to visit them; rather we make you aware that should you be able and gracious enough to purchase a gnome for a good home, from our gift shop; the proceeds of this are just enough to provide an adult pixie with porridge for a month. As we say ..just making you aware .. that’s all!!

Whatever The Reason

Whatever the reason you are reading this, we hope to have provided you with enough information that should you ever be passing by, you’ll spare us a thought and drop in. You will always receive the warmest of welcomes and we’ll always be sorry to see you go. X