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Paints and Parts

Paints and Parts

Our classic range of products will need care and repairs. We therefore provide replacement windmill blades and sails. Touch up paints for all our gnomes with external garden paints in various colours.

Paint & Parts

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  1. Windmill Spare - Back Sail

    5 £5.00

    Pixieland windmill comes with a back sail which is essential to have for the wind to turn the top 360 degrees This is made from plywood and is cut/painted in our workroom. Available ~ Coloured or i
  2. Replacement Windmill Blades

    14 £14.00

    Product Features

    Traditional Classic Pixieland Windmill Sails  

    Handmade in our work room 


  3. Pixieland Paints

    3.5 £3.50

    Pixieland paints are ONLY available to purchase by phone to the shop Cost is £3.50 per pot plus postage they come in 60ml pots .Colours available :- Red Black White Dark Green Light Green
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