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Fairy Ornaments

Fairy Ornaments

Our wide range of enchanted fairy ornaments are very popular. Our range is always changing with different items available all the time. The products are of high quality. Always a great gift for birthdays and Christmas. They are also collectable figurines from a variety of different companies such as Nemesis, Joe Davies and Fiesta Studios.

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  1. Autumn Fae - Nemesis

    42.5 £42.50

    Nemesis Autumn Fae Fairy - Delicately detailed figurine of a fairy of Autumn surrounded by pumpkins.
  2. Calmina - Nemesis

    58.5 £58.50

    Nemesis Calmina - Beautiful relaxing fairy with grazing unicorn.
  3. Pewter Birthstone Fairy

    3.5 £3.50

    Stylish Pewter Fairy with Heart Shaped Birthstone Insert
  4. Nemesis Now Rose Heart 12.3cm Figurine, Pink

    24 £24.00

    Beautiful Pink Fairy looks off into the distance This beautiful Pastel fairy represents the air elemental and would be a welcome addition to any mystic home. Her wings, featuring small teardrop-shap
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