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Serenity Fairy & Unicorn Figurine Ornament

Serenity Fairy & Unicorn Figurine Ornament   

Hand Painted  ~ Size 34.5cm 

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Serenity Fairy & Unicorn Figurine Ornament 

Calming and beautiful, this high-quality figurine is part of Nemesis Now's Premium giftware range. Kneeling in a shallow pond, wearing pink flowers with lilies scattered around her, this young fairy looks up serenely, flowers in her long chestnut hair, pale wings unfurled behind her. Kneeling next to her is a white unicorn, horn facing forwards, a magical design tattooed into its flank. Its tail splays out on the ground behind them, overflowing the edge of the pond and running onto the grass of the meadow. Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted, this enchanting figurine is the very picture of serenity
Size 34.5 cm
Comes packaged in polystyrene inside a card box for safe shipping.

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