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Large Gnomes

Our Classic Garden Ornaments - Large Garden Gnomes  from our traditional range of garden gnomes handmade here at Pixieland for over 70 years.  Our large garden gnomes spend their days undertaking a variety of activities including gardening, driving, relaxing, reading and keeping control of the other naughty gnomes! They make a perfect addition to your garden and make wonderful gifts.  The minimum height or sometimes length (depending on the style) of the garden gnomes you will find in this category is 28cm or above in height (or length).

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  1. Father and Mrs Christmas Garden Gnomes

    57 £57.00

    If you love your garden gnomes, and you love Christmas, why wouldn't you want a Father Christmas and his good lady wife to adorn your garden this Christmas!

    Given as a gift, or as a treat f

  2. Father Christmas Garden Gnome

    28.5 £28.50

    Garden gnomes love Christmas every bit as much as we do, so it stands to reason then that there is of course a Father Christmas garden gnome to bring them their presents. And there we were, thinki

  3. Fishing Garden Gnome ~ Albert

    25 £25.00

    Our Classic Fishing Gnome (Albert) is Handmade at Pixieland. Albert is Pixielands Fly Fisherman who spends most of his days

  4. Garden Gnome Andrew and Duck

    32 £32.00

    Andrew is always riding his duck around Pixieland.

    Make sure you keep your eyes open for when he comes your way.....

  5. Garden Gnome Barnaby

    24 £24.00

    Garden Gnome Barnaby looks after the apple orchard, making sure his crops grow juicy and sweet. Once they are ripe he collec

  6. Garden Gnome Ben Dover

    38 £38.00

    Garden gnome Ben Dover is the most 'welcoming' of garden gnomes.

    ** Please note - Although one of our new products, he has proven most popular and at the moment

  7. Garden Gnome Benjamin

    19.95 £19.95

    Garden Gnome Benjamin is fascinated with the lady bird in his hand, and yet he is very joyful at the splendid sunflower that

  8. Garden Gnome Clem

    24 £24.00

    Garden Gnome Clem, I'm sure you have heard of the electric cigarette, well Clem has his electric pipe. He has kicked the tob

  9. Garden Gnome Craig

    18.5 £18.50

    Garden Gnome Artist Craig maintains the giant and small concrete mushrooms that are found in Pixieland's garden. Sometimes h

  10. Garden Gnome Daniel

    28 £28.00

    Garden Gnome Daniel has one of the biggest jobs in our garden, that's keeping our paths clear for our visitors to find their

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