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Large Gnomes

Our Classic Garden Ornaments - Large Garden Gnomes  from our traditional range of garden gnomes handmade here at Pixieland for over 70 years.  Our large garden gnomes spend their days undertaking a variety of activities including gardening, driving, relaxing, reading and keeping control of the other naughty gnomes! They make a perfect addition to your garden and make wonderful gifts.  The minimum height or sometimes length (depending on the style) of the garden gnomes you will find in this category is 28cm or above in height (or length).

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  1. New

    Father and Mrs Christmas Garden Gnomes


    If you love your garden gnomes, and you love Christmas, why wouldn't you want a Father Christmas and his good lady wife to adorn your garden this Christmas!

    Given as a gift, or as a treat f

  2. Garden Gnome ~ Nester


    Garden Gnome Nester is Pixielands delivery man, but when required he becomes eg: a recovery truck, film star (HERBIE) postma

  3. Garden Gnome with Wheelbarrow Planter ~ ROY


    Garden Gnome with Wheelbarrow Planter Roy is one of our larger gnomes, who is ready to use his wheelbarrow for good. Use him

  4. Garden Gnome The Pixie King


    The Royalty of the garden The Pixie King reigns over all the Pixies in his kind and jovial way. We do suggest if possible to come and collect him as postage is very expensive.
  5. Garden Gnome Ted


    Garden Gnome Ted is our Tuba Horn Player and is a member of the Pixieland Orchestra. However sometimes when he is practising

  6. Garden Gnome Stanley


    Garden Gnome Stanley is our football team Captain and also the keep fit instructor in the garden. At the moment he is in the

  7. Garden Gnome Simon


    Garden Gnome Simon maintains the flower log borders around the garden, He would have you believe that they were fences prote

  8. Garden Gnome Sebastian


    Garden Gnome Sebastian keeps the animal houses clean from cob webs with his brush and is often found in the Bird houses or S

  9. Garden Gnome Riley


    Garden Gnome Riley loves his hammock and we can always find him snoozing in it. A perfect addition to your garden or a uniqu

  10. Garden Gnome Patrick


    Garden Gnome Patrick is our local postie at Pixieland, often busy in his little postal tree office, sorting out the mail or

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