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Garden Gnome Little Richard

Garden Gnome Cheeky Little Richard, what more can we say "I think the picture speak's volumes". Not only is he baring his bottom but he is wearing cheeky underwear :) Each little Richard is unique to another and he wears different kinds of undies, from spotted bloomers to frilly knickers. He also sometimes adorns a tattoo on one of his cheeks hehehe :) On ordering you can request for either one with a bare bottom, undies or a tatto, or will be picked one of them for you. 

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17 £17.00
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Product Features

Classic Pixieland Gnome

Handmade in Devon 

Made from Concrete using special outdoor paints 

Suitable for indoors or outdoors

Frost resistant


Measures: 23cm (H) / 10cm (L) / 12cm (W)

Weight: 1.1kg

"As these are all hand painted the colours may vary slightly from the image shown, making each unique"

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