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The Winter Months and Christmas for the Gnomes of Pixieland

December at Pixieland for a gnome is a very busy time of year. We celebrate Christmas just as you humans do but in a less commercial way, we give gifts from our hearts – not our pockets. December represents a time when we need to return to our ‘gnome roots’ and spend a lot more time tending to nature just as mother nature intended. Let me explain ………..

The Winter Months and Christmas for the Gnomes of Pixieland

Once the visitors disappear from Pixieland at the end of October, the duties of the gnomes here change until the spring. Our activities are geared more towards making sure that the animals living on the Moor surrounding us have everything they need to see them through the harsh winters we normally experience and towards us having everything in place to be able to help them.

By November, half of the gnomes go out everyday in pairs and trek to different parts of the Moor. They converse with the creatures they meet along the way and remind them to come and visit us at Pixieland if they are in need of any medication. We ask the animals, particularly the birds to keep a watchful eye out for any animal that may be found in any kind of trouble and to let us know if that is the case. It is also the job of the gnomes visiting the Moor to bring back pieces of fleece they come across caught on prickly bushes and in the hedgerows. The other half of the gnomes stay at Gnome Hall (the centre of our gnome community) and make sure that we have everything ready for winter. Their jobs include readying the firewood for the stove and fire; weaving new baskets and harnesses or mending the old ones, as we fill them with food which we distribute to the local wildlife; washing and spinning into wool the fleece picked up from the Moor ready to be knitted or crocheted into winter woollies to keep us warm; mending and cleaning our boots and making sure that the stove is always full of pots bubbling away, brewing up tinctures and ointments for the gnomes to administer to any injured animals or birds that visit or we come across on our rounds.

By December Gnome Hall is still a busy hive of activity but it is less feverish, there is a lot more laughter and the place takes on a different atmosphere somehow. On December 1st, after our porridge and honey breakfast (our favourite), after the dishes are washed and before any gnome ventures out; we stand in a circle. Once in the circle, every other gnome turns to the left and starts to weave in and out of the gnomes still facing the middle of the circle; at some point, one of us will shout ‘stop’ and we rejoin the circle at that point. The gnome to the immediate left of each of us is the gnome we will be making a Christmas gift for. Once that is decided, we all join in the singing of a Christmas carol and it is this that heralds in the month of Christmas for us.

When the gnomes return from the Moor each evening, they bring holly or small broken off fir tree branches back with them. Every night throughout December we eat risengrød which is a Danish rice pudding recipe and we sprinkle on sugar and cinnamon. After our rice pudding we all sing another Christmas carol, then we spend each evening by the open fires, listening to the harp being played, making and decorating garlands made from the fir tree branches, making decorations using the holly and making the gift for our designated gnome.

This continues everyday until Christmas Eve. Our first day of Christmas begins at sunset on Christmas eve. We have our nut roast Christmas dinner, for pudding we eat risalamande which is the same as risengrød, but much richer as it has almonds, whipped cream and warmed cherries and sauce mixed in with it. After dinner each gnome receives their gift and we spend the rest of the evening singing songs and playing games.

On Christmas day, all of the gnomes go out with baskets full of food strapped to us and this is distributed in piles across the Moor. Next to the piles we pin a little note, wishing any creatures that should see it a very Merry Christmas and inviting them to an after sunset party. Then just before sunset all of the gnomes meet back at Pixie Holt which is a Pixie cave very close to Gnome Hall. We have a big bonfire to keep us warm and we light two small fires for roasting chestnuts and toasting marshmallows on. Until midnight, the Pixieland band plays tunes all night which we reel around to and should any of our invited guests arrive, they receive the warmest of welcomes.

Christmas for us is all about making sure that the creatures on the Moor know that they have friends close at hand if they need help or food. Enjoying the company of our gnome family and partaking in the fun and games that we all play. Christmas is what you make of it. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, it just has to be heart felt and just remember that a gift made by the hand is given from the heart! May you all enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Until next month then….. X

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