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The Guardians of Pixieland

Pixieland began in 1947. Over the last 72 years it has had 3 sets of guardians. This is the story of those who currently hold that title.

The Guardians of Pixieland

Pixieland is much more than the garden gnomes it produces. It is a magical place with magical properties. Just as we gnomes were drawn here, so too are the guardians of Pixieland, although they may not understand that until they have been here for a while. Recently, the Plymouth Herald came to interview our current guardians (those we call our Mum Glynis and Dad Keri John). As we celebrate 10 years of their guardianship this year, rather than talk about gnomes this month, I thought I would share their interview with you as without them we gnomes would still be hopping from place to place and the garden gnomes of Pixieland would not exist.

Here is the link to the interview https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/pixieland-take-look-inside-devons-2901915……. Until next month then. X

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