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Preparing for visitors and the garden gnome season

As March heralds in the beginning of Spring, most of the gnomes here at Pixieland stop the daily rounds out on the Moor. Our thoughts now turn towards helping to prepare for the coming six months or so of visitors to Pixieland and of what we refer to as the garden gnome season ……….

Preparing for visitors and the garden gnome season

If any of you have ever visited us here on Dartmoor, you would probably have realised that Pixieland is in the main a seasonal business. Although it has to be said that even in the off-season our Mum Glynis and Dad Keri John open the doors five days a week if the weather permits. From November to February we rarely see a soul here; and why would we? Not many people want to leave the warmth of their homes to visit an area as remote as we are in, where the weather conditions can be so harsh. By the early 1960s it was very apparent that if Pixieland was going to survive and continue to provide a home for all of the gnomes and other magical creatures that it would need something to supplement its seasonal income. Let’s face it, not many people are interested in adding garden gnomes to their gardens during the winter months either. The Duchy of Cornwall still requires the rent, the utility bills still need to be paid and we gnomes still require our favourite porridge. So it was decided that Sheepskin (as a by-product of the sheep farming that is all around us here) would be sold. Over the years we gnomes have also had to adapt and embrace the things that go hand in hand with modern day living for you humans. Who would have thought that I would have become the ‘face of Pixieland’ with social media accounts and be quite IT literate; now able to add blog posts to our website? (even with my sausage fingers!).

March is a busy time for us all here. Our Mum Glynis ensures that any new products that are going to be for sale are added to our website and that the gardening is being tidied. She does leave signs in the garden where the weeds grow saying “in between these weeds flowers grow” along with “all the weeds you can pick free!" but as she says, nobody ever takes the offer up. Luckily gnomes are very good at gardening and are always happy to help. First thing in the morning, our Mum delivers piping hot porridge with a pot of our favourite honey to Gnome Hall so that she can be sure we’ll all have enough energy for the day ahead. Once that has been gobbled up, she organises us all and gives us our gardening duties for the day. Then we’re off weeding away as fast as we can.

Our Dad Keri John has all of the maintenance to do, and this year he has the added tasks of not only painting the building but making models of the new gnomes that came to stay with us over the winter, so that garden gnomes can be made of their very likenesses.

That is March for us gnomes. The race is on to have as much as we can one by the end of March in time for the children to bring their Mums to see us on Mothers Day and have the garden gnomes new and old ready to send out to brighten our customers gardens.

On that note, it’s time I got back to it; so until next month ……X

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