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How the Gnomes (and Other Magical Creatures) Came to Stay at Pixieland-Part 1

As anybody reading my blog will be aware, Gnomes are guardians of nature, brought about by the magic of Mother Nature to aid humanity and the creatures of the planet alike when they need a helping hand with matters of an earthly kind. Perhaps even when Mother Nature herself becomes over exuberant when trying to redress the balance. So why and how you may ask did so many Gnomes not only appear at Pixieland, but have made it their long term home? Please read on and I’ll tell you all about it ………….

How the Gnomes (and Other Magical Creatures) Came to Stay at Pixieland-Part 1

Gnomes are not governed by anybody as such. We are never told where we must be or when but somehow we just know. For instance, in the 1840’s myself and many other gnomes (hundreds in fact) were first in Ireland doing all we could to help with the potato blight which brought about the Great Irish Famine, then to the Highlands of Scotland to help deal with the same problem. Many of us stayed in the Highlands for a few years after that and were still there at the time of the very high winds that caused the Moray Firth Fishing disaster. Some gnomes stayed in Scotland and may even still be there, but by the early 1880s I had drifted down the country with a few others and we were in Devon when a huge blizzard affected the South of England. Dartmoor itself was covered in 3 foot of snow, with 15 foot snow drifts in places. We were only a small group of gnomes and not one of us ever felt that we should be any where else but the Southwest of England. Had our gnome senses told us otherwise, we would have gone. For the next 65 years or so we roamed all over Devon and Cornwall helping where we could especially in times when more extremes of weather, hot and cold caused additional problems for wildlife. Something always brought us back to Dartmoor though. This may have been due to the abundance of wildlife that always seemed to need our help, but also because the Moor is such a magical, mystical place and like attracts like. By 1945 we had made a more permanent home for ourselves at Pixie Holt, very close to what soon was to become Pixieland.

The winter of 1946 and 1947 was very hard for all of Europe but especially for the United Kingdom. We knew it was going to be a difficult time as in November and December of 1946 more and more gnomes joined us at Pixie Holt as the temperatures plummeted. We did what we could to warn animals of the dangers that were to come and helped them store food and make shelter where possible. We even tried to show ourselves to a few humans who we thought may actually believe their eyes, but to no avail. If they were seeing us, they wouldn’t let themselves believe it. By the end of January 1947 it was snowing hard. Humans had fuel shortages as coal couldn’t be transported. Food was in short supply for both humans and animals and vegetables were frozen into the ground. Herds of animals starved or were frozen to death. Early March brought yet more snow and the thaw didn’t begin until the end of March but that in itself brought huge floods. The situation was so dire that the army was delivering aid to everybody across the country. Some of the gnomes that had been with us started to move North to assist in the areas that had been affected most by the quickening thaw. Farming communities across the country had been hit the worst with sheep farmers losing 20% of their flocks and cereal and potato yields down by the same amount. Yes, that was a very bad year and one that took a long time to recover from.

One evening many months later a couple of gnomes came back from their rounds with news that somebody appeared to be moving into the little cottage closest to us which had been empty since we had made camp at Pixie Holt. There didn’t seem to be anybody around at night as there was never any light on at the cottage, but during the day we could hear some sort of work being carried out. To be honest, we didn’t take too much notice of this until gnomes Ike and Merlin came charging back in from their rounds one night. They were both very excitable and were shouting at the rest of us to come and look at what they had seen at the cottage. We all stopped what we were doing and ran down to the cottage. When we got there, we could do nothing more than gasp and stare. All over the front gardens of the cottage were garden gnome statues!

It was then that we realised why we gnomes had been so drawn to Dartmoor and Pixie Holt in particular. How we became so involved with Pixieland and it’s owners I’ll tell you next month. So until then ……X

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