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How the Gnomes (and Other Magical Creatures) Came to Stay at Pixieland-Part 2

Following on from last month, I’ll tell you how we gnomes became so involved with Pixieland……………….

How the Gnomes (and Other Magical Creatures) Came to Stay at Pixieland-Part 2

As it transpired, the appearance of garden gnomes at the cottage had peaked the interest of three gnomes in particular; Ales, Ike and Merlin. The three of them became inseparable and unusually secretive. First thing in the mornings as the rest of us were about to have our breakfast, these three had normally wolfed theirs down already and were running around like their pants were on fire. For a few minutes each morning, it was like watching a tiny tornado of whispered chatter and giggling that was tearing around filling their baskets with their supplies to take out onto the Moor whilst trying to put their coats and boots on at the same time, then in a flash, quiet and they had gone. In the evenings they always came back later than the rest of us, we ate our evening meals together as usual, but then they’d vanish again.

We all knew they were up to something of course, but nobody ever asked them what because as you will have heard from me before; gnomes know their own minds and if they wish to talk and tell you, they will - otherwise they won’t, and it’s as simple as that.

Weeks later, early one evening a blackbird flew in and told us he had seen a hedgehog down near the cottage wandering around (which in itself was unusual as it was still daylight) but he said also that the hedgehog was limping. We thanked the blackbird, Gnome John grabbed some ointment and lint and off the two of us went to the cottage. We soon found the hedgehog so we patched him up and off he went. John and I decided to have a quick look around the cottage to see what else had changed there.

As we got closer to the front garden we could see that the garden gnomes had increased in number but what we saw next completely stopped us in our tracks. There amongst the garden gnomes, were statues in the likeness of Ales, Ike and Merlin! Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed some movement around the pond. It was the three of them wrestling with frogs that had been trying to mind their own business and take a quick dip. Spotting the confusion in our faces, Ales immediately ran over to us and told us what had happened........

These three mischievous gnomes had decided that it might be quite good fun to move the garden gnomes around once the owner had left for the day or before he came in the mornings. At first, they would only move one or two of them and only just a little bit. Then they would hide and wait for the owner to come in to see if he noticed. When they didn’t see the reaction they had hoped for, they moved them some more. Once they saw him stop on his way in and scratch his head that was it. He’d leave and in the morning when he returned he might find them all turned around, other times they were all placed around the pond, sometimes a couple had been moved to the back door.

The owner didn’t seem to mind though. In fact after a while, he barely took any notice at all. Just a quick glance and laugh to himself and off he’d go about his business. It was at this point that the three gnomes became very brave. One morning when he came in, he found that his collection had increased by three that he hadn’t made! Ales, Ike and Merlin had made themselves visible and had put themselves into a state closest to what you humans would refer to as catatonia. There they stood as rigid and lifeless as the concrete gnomes they stood amongst. That got his attention alright. He stared at them for a long time, then shaking his head he walked over, picked them up and took them through to the room at the back which he was using for a workshop. Still confused by where they had come from, he picked each of them up in turn to look at them closely, fascinated now more by the material that had been used to make them. They weren’t as heavy as his garden gnomes, and their features were finer and more pronounced than those he turned out from his moulds. What happened next was the biggest shock to all of them. You see, my understanding of human catatonia is that one of the symptoms is stupor, whereby the person inflicted does not respond to stimuli. The gnome version on the other hand is more of a magical state and one that will respond to stimuli, particularly if, as was the case with Merlin, the gnome happens to be extremely ticklish! As the gentleman picked him up, he turned, squeezed and poked at the gnome. All at once the rigidity went from Merlin and the man found that he was holding a living, breathing little gnome who was laughing uncontrollably. Ales and Ike at least did the right thing and removed themselves from their state of statue and all they said was “Oops” and “Hello!”. For what seemed like an age, they just stood, all four of them blinking at each other until the gentleman burst out laughing. “I just knew it” he said. Ales explained that the man had thought he had seen living gnomes before the war, but hadn’t been certain of it and it was that, which had prompted him to begin making garden gnomes. His name was Ken Ruth (or our Dad Ken as we all came to refer to him as). He said he had no idea why he was drawn to that cottage near Pixie Holt, but having passed it once, he said it was almost calling to him. Our Dad Ken immediately made some garden gnomes to look like Ales, Ike and Merlin which of course they were very proud of and they visited him each day.

Once Ales had explained everything to me and John; all five of us returned to Pixie Holt and called a meeting. It was decided that the stars had yet again aligned and everything was as intended. Over the coming weeks and months, more and more gnomes made themselves known to our Dad Ken and as they did, he would make a garden gnome to look like each one of us (should we so wish, but he always asked first). Over time he and his family welcomed us and allowed us to move into the gardens and surrounding area of Pixieland and that was the very start of it.

Until next month then….. X

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