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Gnome Society – an ecological utopia .....

Gnome Society – an ecological utopia where all contribute their natural talents or acquired skills for the greatest benefit of all gnomes in the community. Let me explain……

Gnome Society – an ecological utopia .....

We gnomes often despair at most of you humans. We hear you speak of an imagined state of a perfect world with no war and no starvation; but human society is not homogenous and you have way too many conflicting greedy desires. You take from the earth but give very little back to it and have way too little empathy for others. Gnomes understand that in earlier years, life was much harder for you all, but then the earth could cope as you were manufacturing but on a much smaller scale. Once the industrial revolution gathered momentum – you all went mad and the real plundering of earth’s resources began. If you think about it, it cannot be just a mere coincidence that it was the mid 1800’s that gnomes began to show themselves more to humans (hence the arrival of garden gnomes, as per an earlier blog post of mine). No. That was our dear Mother Nature, giving us a gentle push towards trying to help and remind you of the need to take better care of the world in which you (we) all live.

You could be forgiven at this point if you think that I am writing this to chastise you all and tell you that you are all horrible greedy beings beyond help. Of course that is not the case. We believe that all of you are worth helping and there are a lot of people in the world already realising the need to live harmoniously with nature and that which the earth provides. Take for example the Native American Indians; the Cherokee in particular. They have always understood the need to manage the land base and natural resources in a way that respects community, environmental and cultural values. They don’t take more than they need and they do their utmost to assure the survival and growth of those resources they take from. For instance, just like we gnomes, they know that there is a cure in nature for all illnesses. They worry also that many of the important plants and herbs are becoming hard to find. When they collect the healing plants, they don’t strip an area bare. They only collect a third of what they find to allow the plants time to grow and become strong again. What do the majority of humans do? You sit idly by let the pharmaceutical giants destroy the traditional healing plants and the Genetically Modified Organism companies destroy the seeds and food security. These organisations are enabled by the governments normally elected by you, who show no remorse for their actions or accountability to you the people they are supposed to serve!!!

Incidentally, the Cherokee also believe in ‘little people’…….hmmmmn ….. now what does that tell you? Where could they have got their ideas from.

Gnomes believe that very little is needed to make a happy life. Everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills for the greatest benefit of all gnomes in the community and all knowledge gained is shared with all. We live harmoniously with one another because we all care deeply for each other and a gnome is never happier than when he sees his fellow gnomes happy. We think not of profit and having control over others. Prior to settling at Pixieland, we had never had wages but it is something that the guardians of Pixieland (now our mum Glynis and our dad Keri John) insisted upon as they know a gnome likes to feel appreciated; which here we would do anyway. So we agreed upon a currency of ‘porridge tokens’ and are paid for the gardening we do or for helping to make the garden gnomes which are sold here. The economics of our society is such that all of our wages are just thrown into one pot in case there is ever anything we need to buy. If that is ever the case, then we ask our mum Glynis to buy it for us and we give her some of our porridge tokens to pay for it. We have to do things that way as it is one thing for us to interact with you humans here at Pixieland, but it would be another thing entirely for us to turn up at a supermarket to buy a bag of porridge. That is something we don’t think we are quite ready for yet and you humans certainly aren’t.

We do have and enjoy a few of the trappings of modern day life just as you humans do. Like for example electricity; but only that which can be provided via solar panels. We also have a television at Gnome Hall, but we only watch this on Sunday evenings. We do this just to give ourselves a little treat for a good weeks work done. Then, we sit down after dinner and watch a recording of the days MotoGP racing if it has been on (don’t ask me why we all like that, we just do). Our other favourite programmes are probably more as you would expect us enjoy like Country File and any David Attenborough documentary. For the rest of the week we may play games or simply talk to each other, sharing what we have learned while we make our clothes from natural fibres we have collected or whilst we prepare our natural lotions and potions.

We do not suffer from jealousy because individually we don’t really own things apart from perhaps a few treasures we have found. I for instance have a shell I found many years ago that when placed to your ear, sounds like the sea. I also have a flower I pressed because I wanted to preserve its beauty. Even those things though are kept at Gnome Hall and displayed for all to gaze upon and enjoy should they so wish.

We are governed not by laws, but by common sense. Our first thought is always for our fellow gnomes and any before a gnome does anything they always think about how it will effect the community. Again, just like the Cherokee, our philosophy is that ‘if it’s not good for all then it’s no good at all’.

I often hear you ask, “But what could I do to make a difference?” Well here’s something …. All of your religions seem to have their own version of ‘The Golden Rule’ and that is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Religious or not try acting upon that first, then see where you go from there!

Until next time. X

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