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British Products

The vast majority of the products we sell here at Pixieland are British. Here's why......

British Products

Of course the products that Pixieland is most known for (the garden gnomes) are made in the UK. They are made here by our Dad Keri John (and the gnomes that live here are the models used for them). The special mix of raw materials used in the making of the garden gnomes is also sourced from the UK from British Gypsum to the British paint used to paint them.

Our gift shop on Dartmoor is full of not only British made products, but locally sourced ones. Our Mum Glynis in particular believes in supporting the local community and where ever possible will stock the gift shop with items made in Devon, be that Devon fudge or locally made jams and scrumpy to the more luxurious, quality Devon sheepskin products that we have sold here since the 1960s. She does this as she likes to be sure of the provenance of the items we sell here

Buying British isn’t only about patriotism. We believe in supporting British craftsmanship as many of the British made products are made by hand using skills that have been handed down through the generations. Although some of the British made items cost a little more, you are buying quality items that last for years and so the cost per use or wear is much lower. Products made in the UK are usually produced on a much smaller scale and so are usually more unique. Buying British helps boost the economy, creating employment for British workers and items usually come with a much smaller carbon footprint than mass produced imports from abroad.

So next time you are thinking of buying a garden gnome, don’t but a plastic, mass produced one from a well known supermarket. Buy a quality hand made one from Pixieland that will last for years and years to come and if it ever becomes a little faded or chipped, he can be touched up with a little bit of paint and look as good as new for many more.

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