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A Gnomes Living Arrangements

Earlier this month I received an email from Emily in Penarth, asking me if I could tell her where gnomes sleep. Thank you for your question Emily. This month’s brief post will give you and anybody else interested the answer.

A Gnomes Living Arrangements

Any regular readers of my blog will by now have gained more of an understanding of how social we gnomes are and will recall me mentioning ‘Gnome Hall’. If you humans were able to see our hall, you wouldn’t think that it was the place I have spoken about as it would look way too small to house all of the gnomes here. Of course, when I say ‘gnomes’ I mean we the living beings; not all of the ‘garden gnomes’ that you may see here at Pixieland. Don’t forget a garden gnome is a concrete statue that we make here at Pixieland. They may look like us, but that is because many of us have sat as models for those statues.

Gnome Hall is only about 3 foot high on the outside, but of course it holds many magical properties; one of which is best described as being a bit like the Tardis that Doctor Who has. Once you are over the threshold, it is enormous. All gnomes, whatever their size (even 6 foot tall George) can enter; as soon we touch the door with our fingers, we are swept in and all become a size proportional to the inside of the hall. It is really like one of your homes; we cook, eat, shower and bathe, make clothes and other things we need like our magical healing potions, have parties, tell stories and anything else you can think of apart from one thing….. We don’t sleep there! And for very good reason….All gnomes snore. I don’t mean just a little snuffle of a snore either; but a loud booming snore and if we all slept in the same building it would literally take the roof off. We all have our own little homes which we all help to build. It may even have wheels, like a caravan if the gnome travels a lot. But all of our little gnome homes are really just a one roomed house which has a bed in it.

Until next time. X

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