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Lord Jack

The Musings of Lord Jack of Pixieland

Let me introduce myself. I am Lord Jack, most senior of the gnomes of Pixieland. I am not sure how old I am as after 100 we tend to forget, and in any event age is a mere number to us. I do know that I have been married to my Lady Jane for 65 years now. 66, this August 18th. I know this because the date of our wedding is carved into a bench that was given to us as a wedding present. I am wise beyond my years (however many there are) and I have recently been voted by all as the ‘Face of Pixieland’. My role here now is to help promote Pixieland as we really would like our current guardians (our mum Glynis and our dad Keri John) to stay with us for as long as possible as our time with them has been the best ever. You may have seen mention of me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Please like and follow my posts if you see them; it would mean the world to us here. That’s me in a nutshell, so let’s move on.

The Definition of a Gnome

The Definition of a Gnome

I read a definition of a gnome recently that left me incensed. This is my comment on it.[...]

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